Executive Search

We act for Boards, their Chief Executives and Executive Leadership Groups in undertaking C-Level and senior executive searches in both regional and international locations.

Bringing talented people together

Gerard Daniels provides the rigour, structure and planning that seeks out the best executive talent. You can be assured that the market has been thoroughly researched and your organisation has been represented to generate the interest of outstanding executives.

We develop a comprehensive understanding of the client organisation, its requirements and the key factors that will appeal to and attract outstanding executives. Through our international research capability, database and extensive network of contacts, we are able to identify and assess candidates who have the right character, skills, competence and, importantly, cultural fit.

Our due diligence process is thorough and generates critical information that is key to ensuring informed decisions.

Communication is a fundamental pillar of our commitment to clients and candidates.

We are committed to ensuring long term appointments that achieve client goals and executive career growth.