Identifying and engaging with high calibre leaders and senior professionals

Gerard Daniels provides clients valuable market intelligence and insights covering the leadership talent landscape. Leveraging our extensive network of industry contacts we are adept at identifying and engaging credible industry sources for bespoke projects.

Our research speaks directly to a specific target population and gather data on levels of interest and Market perception of the company. We manage these engagements with a high level of discretion and in some cases without divulging the identity of the client.

Our clients tell us they value the rigour, structure and planning we bring to executive search.

Purpose and Framework

The purpose of Market Mapping and Talent Identification is to map, identify and engage with high calibre senior professionals working for industry-specific companies in locations of interest. We can also focus on specific job functions in either a domestic or global marketplace.

Providing a market mapping report with a diverse and dynamic talent pool of candidates who have the right skills, experience and behaviours to be considered for the nominated Job Title or Function.

Depending on scope, the report also presents data on key motivators, market trends, competitor landscape, employer brand perception and compensation data.

The benefits of Market Mapping and Talent Identification

  • Provides a tailored map of relevant talent from within your region and within your competitors
  • Enables better planning for future hiring processes and succession
  • Answers particular questions about talent pool specifics
  • Understand the incentives used to attract and retain top talent
  • Helps with building a more diverse talent pipeline and succession planning
  • Remuneration information for benchmarking (optional)
  • Highlights problem areas for future hiring or areas where talent is sparse, which may mean you need to review training and development programmes or consider broader talent pools.

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