Not all executive search firms are created equal

Having the right executive talent can have a major influence on your brand and organisational culture, and can be a defining factor in your overall success.

Working with a boutique international executive search firm like Gerard Daniels connects you with a deep and diverse network of executive talent. It also helps you to find the right candidates to grow your brand, foster your culture and drive your business forward.

Michael McAnearney
At Gerard Daniels, you're talking to business people who think about your customers, your stakeholders, your community and the environment that you work in.
Michael McAnearney - Director

However, not all executive search firms are created equal. Gerard Daniels can assure clients of confidentiality, professionalism and support throughout the entire hiring process.

Our clients tell us they value the rigour, structure and planning we bring to executive search. Other ways we enhance our clients recruitment efforts include:

  • Expertly and professionally representing your organisation, to pique and retain the interest of outstanding executive candidates
  • International research capability that sets us apart
  • Rigorous due diligence processes that allow clients to make well-informed decisions
  • And taking the time to really understand our clients’ strategy and culture, to find candidates with the right character, skills, competence and cultural fit.

There will always be strong competition to attract talent at the top of the job market, with quality and experienced executive candidates having the pick of the bunch. We can help you to find the very best executive talent – and make sure they choose you.

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