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Board Search

High performing businesses need high performing boards.

From managing growing risk profiles to dialling up ESG, the demands that investors, customers, employees and other stakeholders place on Boards are increasingly vast and varied. To deliver on these expectations and perform effectively as stewards and strategic advisors, Boards need talent with the right composition and diversity of skill and experience.

Our global team of experienced board and executive search consultants can connect you with a diverse and qualified network of experienced Executive and Non-Executive Directors. We can also guide you through choosing the right board candidates to grow your brand, foster your culture and propel your business forward.

Let us add value to your next board search by:

  • Expertly, professionally and confidentially representing your organisation at all times, piquing the interest of outstanding executive candidates.
  • Supporting your search with comprehensive and well-established international research capability.
  • Taking time to deeply understand of your strategy and culture, ensuring candidates with the right character, skills, competence and cultural fit are sourced.
  • And applying rigour and structure to deliver customised due diligence processes that give you the confidence of making well-informed decisions.
Barry Bloch
Having the right executive talent can have a major influence on your brand and organisational culture and can be a defining factor in your overall success.
Barry Bloch- Global Partner for Board and Executive Leadership

Chairs, Non-Executive Directors and Advisory Board Roles

The drive for independent perspective and guidance on boards has seen a surge in the demand for the appointment of chairs and non-executive directors (NEDs). This shift has fuelled heightened demand for high quality executive search services to source talent for these roles to ensure greater choice and diversity.

Executive search is also shaped by the growing need to build high performing and diverse Boards, with greater representation across age, gender, nationality, industry experience and cultural background. Chairs and NEDs are expected to bring increasingly broad skill sets to their roles, with experience extending to areas such as risk, technology and innovation.

We can help you to find complementary talent to grow the performance of your board, by:

  • Bringing outstanding chair and non-executive director search capabilities – our proven results speak for themselves
  • A deep understanding of the personal qualities required for Board success and a reputation for finding candidates with the right cultural fit
  • Specialist knowledge and extensive local and international relationships across industry
  • Pertinent insight into market trends and industry best practice
  • Our clients also value the importance we place on confidentiality, professionalism and communication, qualities that have helped us to secure many longstanding appointments and to build long-lasting relationships with our clients.
  • Advocating our clients brand as an organisation of choice in attracting talented candidates.

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