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Top Team Effectiveness

Top Team Effectiveness

Two assumptions are often made about what makes for an effective top team.

  1. The first assumption is that having the best skilled individuals guarantees a great team. However, competence and excellence are not the same thing and great individuals don’t always come together to make great teams.
  2. The second assumption is that if a team has great relationships, it will make a great team. While relationships are important, alone they are never enough.

To build effectiveness in top teams, we help clients to focus on and understand the significance of four critical success factors: goals, roles, processes, and relationships. Here’s why:

  • Top teams benefit significantly from sharing and having clarity around team goals, in support of the business strategy;
  • To perform effectively and deliver on all of what is expected, Directors and Executives need delineation and clarity of both their formal and informal roles;
  • Five equally important processes that determine team performance include decision making; information sharing; resource allocation; problem solving; conflict resolution; and
  • Relationships can contribute to performance and effectiveness but only when they are founded on the goals, roles and processes essential in all teams.

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