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Strategy Facilitation

Strategy Facilitation

Contrary to popular belief, a business strategy is not the same as an annual business plan. Nor is it an overview of the company vision, mission and values and goals. Nor is it just a piece of robust data and content analysis completed independently by consultants and provided in a report.

To design and deliver a robust, usable, and liveable business strategy, based on rigorous market analysis and understanding, leaders and organisations together must seek to ask, discuss, debate and answer these five fundamental questions.

  1. Where will our organisation be active?
  2. How will we get there?
  3. How will we be different in our marketplace?
  4. How will we stage our own strategy, and what is the speed and sequence of our moves?
  5. And does our strategy have economic logic – how will we achieve returns?

The Board also needs to be engaged in the strategy development process to ensure a successful outcome and reduce the potential for future conflict and misalignment.

We work highly collaboratively with Boards and Executive teams to facilitate strategy development, integrating our own skills and experience in strategy, Board and Executive leadership, organisational development, and transformation and strategy implementation. At the completion of this facilitated process, clients typically achieve strong and sustainable alignment around both the design and delivery of their strategy, along with the necessary backing of the Board.

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