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Organisational Culture

Organisational Culture

Organisational culture can make or break an organisation but too often businesses fail to understand this significance.

At its worst, organisational culture can have a negative effect on productivity and the sense of belonging, leading to underperformance and undermining long-term business success. At its best, it can be a significant asset that energises and enhances behaviour and accelerates and sustains business performance. In either case, organisational culture can be expertly steered, facilitated and influenced to enhance its impact on business performance, or to reduce the inertia that it has on behavioural change.

A considerable body of research now confirms the critical role that organisational culture plays in business success. To deliver sustainable change for our clients, we help them to move away from approaching organisational culture as a problem, towards prioritising it, and positioning it as a business enabler that delivers real competitive advantage.

We also appreciate that achieving organisational cultural change requires a shift in both thought and action. Before attempting to change mindsets, we always encourage and support clients to change just a few critical behaviours – because when consistent results can be achieved through behavioural change, it has a much longer-lasting impact on the way people think, feel and act.

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Barry Bloch
Organisational culture is much more than just an annual employee engagement survey. Organisational culture is the very fabric of an organisation, and an essential driver and determinant of behaviour, performance and business success.
Barry Bloch- Global Partner for Board and Executive Leadership

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