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Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

Few mergers and acquisitions (M&A) actually deliver the value that they promise to shareholders and stakeholders. In fact, on average, post-merger or acquisition profitability falls by 10% after 3 years, and over 40% of acquirers have lower growth than their industry rivals during the all-important three years following acquisition.

People are a key element in business success or failure following M&A. This is often characterised by how effectively leadership and culture are integrated, and how the talent from within the integrating entities is identified and combined. Speed is another important factor, with ~85% of all synergy and value needing to be realised within the first 12 months, if it is to be realised at all.

To ensure successful M&A outcomes, Gerard Daniels works closely with clients to:

  • Ensure rigorous leadership, culture and talent due diligence is performed;
  • Retain, develop, and motivate critical leaders and other talent;
  • Engage leadership and wider talent to bring the two organisational cultures together; and
  • Monitor that the leadership, talent and culture are quickly and cohesively moving forward.

To help clients start early and move fast, we integrate our entire service offering to support M&A through executive search; talent strategy; HR strategy design; advanced assessment; individual coaching; team development; organisational culture; strategy facilitation; CEO succession; Board effectiveness and more.

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