Board and Executive Leadership

Executive and Non-Executive Development, Coaching, Onboarding

Executive and Non-Executive Development, Coaching, Onboarding

Businesses often rely on formal training and outsourced open programs to develop Executives and Non-Executive Directors, but we see significant limitations in this approach.

Conducted over the last 20 years, our research and experience show that formal, off-the-shelf training delivers less than 5 per cent of individual behavioural change in organisations. While coaching and mentoring, closely integrated and connected with on-the-job learning and customised and contextualised, shared learning experiences, delivers over 95 per cent of the required behavioural change.

There is also a tendency for businesses to assume that by the time Directors are appointed to Boards, they have all of the knowledge and experience that they will ever need. However, given the dynamic nature of the world in which we live and work, no Directors or Executives are ever really fully rounded. As business strategies and the context they are delivered in evolve, leaders need to be supported in continuing to grow and learn too.

We support clients by working with individual leaders to plan their development in contextual, practical and actionable ways. We coach Executives and Directors to help develop their skills and mindset, and we develop customised shared learning experiences for top level leaders. To speed up the return on investment and help new hires to settle in, we also facilitate onboarding during the first critical 6 to 18 months – regardless of whether talent has come from within the organisation, or steps across or up into their new role.

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