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CEO Succession

CEO Succession

Historically, CEO succession has been perceived as relatively low rigour discipline, delivered through fireside chats and personal connections and biases. However, this approach most often results in misaligned or underperforming CEOs, significant decision-making errors for the organisation, and conflict in or with the Board and Executive.

Today there is a better understanding of the significant role that the CEO plays in leading an organisation, and in determining organisational culture, values and success. And when succession planning is prioritised, it significantly increases the likely success of the CEO (including during their onboarding phase), and the success of the CEO’s relationship with their Board and their Executive leadership team.

Experience tells us that CEO succession requires far more than just external search, so we deliver this service as part of an integrated process that regularly considers both internal and external candidates. Delivered throughout a period that typically spans 18 months to three years, this rigorous and proactive approach delivers better decision making, and better long-term organisational outcomes for our clients.

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Barry Bloch
Time and time again we’ve seen how poor CEO succession decisions have quickly led to significant brand damage and capital investment write-offs, often based on decisions made by CEOs during their first 100 days. But on the flip side, there are just as many examples of where outstanding CEO appointments and succession processes have led to complete business transformations and significant business growth.
Barry Bloch- Global Partner for Board and Executive Leadership

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