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Board Effectiveness

Board Effectiveness

A key failure of many Boards today is the assumption that having prior Board experience means no further development is required. But the world is changing fast, and Board members must continue learning and improving to keep pace with that change. The role of the Board has also changed significantly over time, building on expectations of governance to broader expectations of leadership and stewardship.

To effectively perform its required role, today the Board of any contemporary organisation must deliver on Board disciplines, dynamics and development. This means providing opportunities to develop individual leadership skills and attributes; understanding and refining how Board members interact; and applying the six disciplines that lead directly to organisational effectiveness, strategic and competitive advantage, talent retention and development and positive cultural change.

As all businesses and Boards are unique, the approach taken to achieve Board effectiveness should also be contextual and unique. Gerard Daniels is deeply experienced in partnering with leading organisations to develop and implement customised and successful Board effectiveness programs.

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Barry Bloch
"I can’t think of any examples where Boards have undertaken a constructive, integrated, thoughtful process, and not become significantly more effective."
Barry Bloch- Global Partner for Board and Executive Leadership

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