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Board and Executive Leadership

Board and Executive Leadership

Gerard Daniels understands that the performance of Boards and Executive Leadership teams is a critical factor in determining organisational success.

Equipped with this knowledge, and deep lived experience working alongside leading organisations worldwide, we support clients by challenging them to solve the real leadership challenges and issues that they face. We do this in ways that allow clients to deliver on their strategy, and the future of their organisation.

Barry Bloch
Our systemic approach to supporting clients is founded in the disciplines of organisational behaviour, organisational development, organisational psychology, risk management and strategy.
Barry Bloch- Global Partner for Board and Executive Leadership

Our comprehensive and industry leading Board and Executive leadership services are designed to improve organisational performance by:

  • Achieving clarity and confidence around talent and leadership;
  • Managing risk and improving certainty around how organisations are lead;
  • Improving performance and capability;
  • Fostering people and a culture that is agile and sustainable;
  • Delivering on the governance requirements of shareholders and/or regulators; and
  • Ultimately, by achieving the required results.

Why trust in us?

An integrated and collaborative approach lets us work in partnership across our complimentary specialisms of search and Board and Executive leadership, to achieve robust, rigorous and superior outcomes for our clients. We are accountable across these specialisms as one firm, and we thrive on that accountability.

Our systemic approach to supporting clients is founded in the disciplines of organisational behaviour, organisational development, organisational psychology, risk management and strategy. Our advisors have hired, developed and led Executives. We have also worked with and in boardrooms and executive teams, allowing us to bring unique perspective and experience across industry and many different types and sizes of organisation.

To improve the performance of your Board and Executives, browse our service offering below or connect with our advisory team.

Advanced Executive Assessment

Does your organisation invest in good people? If so, to see the return on this investment you will want to rely on rigorous and robust assessments to validate incoming talent, and to assess candidates internally for development, succession and progression.

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CEO Succession

Making well-informed CEO succession decisions has to be a priority for your organisation, if you want to avoid misaligned and underperforming CEOs; decision-making errors; conflict in or with the Board and Executive; and unnecessary brand damage and capital investment write-offs.

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Board Effectiveness

The world is changing fast and the role of the Board is rapidly evolving too. To be successful in this fluid environment, your approach to achieving and maintaining Board effectiveness must also be dynamic, contextual, thoughtful and unique.

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Executive and Non-Executive Development, Coaching, Onboarding

There is a tendency for businesses to assume that Directors and other Executives have all of the knowledge and experience that they will ever need. But as business strategies and contexts evolve, leaders need support to continue learning and growing too.

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Top Team Effectiveness

Is your organisation focused on defining and delivering on leadership goals, roles, processes and relationships? It needs to be, to build high performing leaders and highly effective leadership teams.

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Strategy Facilitation

Good business strategies provide a robust, usable, and liveable roadmap to guide organisations sustainably into the future. Find out how expert facilitation can help you to deliver a business strategy that lives up to these expectations, and more.

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Talent Strategy

When talent strategy becomes a key business planning tool – beyond HR processes and systems – it allows your organisation to be forward looking; internally and externally focused; and dynamic in how you plan, review, manage and develop your greatest asset.

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Organisational Culture

Is organisational culture an asset that energises and enhances your organisation’s behaviour, accelerates and sustains your business performance, and delivers real competitive advantage? If not, here’s how it can be…

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Remuneration Advisory Services

Do you fully understand your remuneration strategy, the market factors that shape it, and the impact it has on your talent attraction, retention, motivation and performance? Let us guide you through designing a strategy that’s cost effective, fit for purpose and strategically aligned.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Few mergers and acquisitions (M&A) achieve the value they promise to shareholders and stakeholders, with people and speed largely determining failure or success. Find out how starting early, moving fast and taking an integrated approach can deliver a more successful outcome.

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