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26 March 2021

Gerard Daniels celebrates a significant milestone this month

Directors Lloyd Smith and Michael McAnearney founded the firm in Perth and went on to establish international operations in the United Kingdom and the USA. Here they take the opportunity to reflect on their journey so far, and to consider what it takes to grow and meet the evolving demands of a highly competitive industry.


Strategic international growth

Gerard Daniels has grown considerably since 1986, when it was one of the first executive search firms to be established in Western Australia. From this humble beginning the firm now supports clients throughout Australia, and the regions of Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and the Americas from offices in Perth, Sydney, London and Houston.

McAnearney describes a shared desire to build strong and successful executive teams for clients as one of the main drivers for the Firm’s enduring success. “This focus was key for us when we founded the Firm and remains central to how we support companies across the world today,” McAnearney says.

The decision to expand internationally in 2005 was one of the most significant milestones in Gerard Daniels’ development. “Although we had always operated internationally out of Perth, in the early 2000s it became clear that there was opportunity beyond the Asia Pacific region, given the amount of work we were doing to bring international executives back to Australia for Australian domestic and multinational companies.”

By July 2006 Gerard Daniels had opened offices in both London and Houston based principally on serving the international resources and energy sectors. “Fortunately, the timing and strategy enabled this great opportunity, and the results have validated this early decision to establish operations beyond Australia,” says Smith.

Australia as a global platform

Both McAnearney and Smith agree that establishing an international search firm from Perth has offered many strategic advantages. “With economically significant sectors like resources, energy, health, education and agri-business based here in Australia, it has been a great platform for the growth and success of Gerard Daniels internationally,” says McAnearney.

Working with international senior executives for four decades has allowed McAnearney to develop a clear benchmark for the quality of executive talent worldwide. “The drive for creating value and a focus on culture demonstrated by Australian leaders and entrepreneurs explains their considerable impact at a global level,” says McAnearney. “You need only look at the quality of Australians in multinational companies in major centres such as London, Toronto, New York and Johannesburg to see the prominence and impact of Australian executive talent – much of which has limited visibility back in Australia.”

Smith also attributes the firm’s success to the globally competitive talent that Australia produces. “The diverse business experiences this country offers, its first-class education programs and the high standard of training that a wide range of Australian businesses provide allows Australian talent to compete in the never ending quest for exceptional leadership”.

An enterprise thriving in business 35 years after its foundation is only possible with the support of many outstanding people who embody the Firm’s values and believe in what the company stands for. Both Smith and McAnearney acknowledge the contribution of all the people over the history of the firm who have contributed to making Gerard Daniels what it is today.

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