Sporting Organisations

Sporting Organisations

Inspiring leaders on and off the field

Sport is unquestionably big business. There are major sporting events that span entire cities and take months, even years, to build; athletes that boast sponsorship deals worth more than the GDP of some nations; and TV networks dedicated solely to broadcasting sporting events.

To succeed in this high profile, high revenue and highly competitive environment, sporting organisations must build high performing teams both on and off the field. Leaders must also have the skills and experience to navigate diverse challenges such as:

  • Delivering on the expectations of sponsors, members and other stakeholders
  • Managing mainstream and social media
  • Complex brand and reputation management
  • Attracting and retaining top talent
  • Negotiating competitive contracts
  • High levels of scrutiny around individual and team performance
  • Fanbase engagement
  • Being available to lead in a genuinely 24/7 environment.

Supporting sporting sector organisations

Gerard Daniels is a deeply experienced international executive search consultancy in the sporting sector, with successful senior appointments made across most of the major sporting codes.

Ivan Zuvela
Recruiting for senior leaders in sport is no different to finding the right talent for organisations in any other sector, as the skillset will always be unique to the role, and delivering the right person will always require working closely with the client to understand their current and future leadership needs
Ivan Zuvela- Partner

Whether you need to find the right Head Coach, Chief Marketing Officer or CEO, Gerard Daniels can conduct a rigourous search to future proof you leadership. If you are an experienced and passionate senior leader looking to move into or grow your experience in sport, Gerard Daniels can partner with you to secure your next career move. We can also work with your Board and Executive Leadership team to grow your capability and lift the performance of your organisation.

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