Mining and Resources

Mining and Resources

Developing your most valuable resource

Rapid transformation continues to shape the global mining and metals sector. This change is being accelerated by a wide range of environmental, technical and geopolitical issues, that include:

  • Technological advancements, particularly around automation
  • The desire to move towards zero emissions and zero harm
  • Growing sector-wide focus on ESG
  • The need to move forward on diversity, equity and inclusion
  • And demand for products and practices to support the green energy transition.

Achieving greater efficiency and profitability through all of this change brings additional leadership and operational challenges to businesses operating in this sector.

Paul Howard
As momentum grows around the green energy transition in mining and metals, there is growing demand for skills and experience at all levels to support this shift. Mining and metals organisations are also increasingly aware of the importance of their own company values in attracting future talent, and shaping company culture.
Paul Howard- Managing Partner

Supporting mining and minerals

Gerard Daniels has a long history of partnering with mining and metals sector organisations around the world, advising on all aspects of executive search, board and executive leadership consulting and people management. Our expertise also allows us to provide guidance or market insights and deliver appointments that make a significant operational impact for our clients.

We understand the need for the mining and minerals sector to build a strong, flexible and mobile workforce to meet the needs of the market, today and tomorrow. We also appreciate the importance of fostering high-performing Boards and Executive leadership teams that can drive efficiency and operational excellence across the entire value chain. Now more than ever we are focused on helping clients to recruit, retain and develop the right talent to deliver on all of this.

Nona Sichinava
Partnering with a global Executive Search firm that understands the industry, its challenges and the ever-changing world in which companies operate is a powerful strategy to attract the next generation of leaders who fit your organisation's culture.
Nona Sichinava- Partner

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