Membership Organisations

Membership Organisations

Fostering excellence in the community sector

Membership organisations span a diverse array of businesses and industries around the world. Although they can operate in any sector, this type of organisation is common in financial services, insurance, building societies, healthcare, resources, education and agriculture.

Membership organisations have a different sense of purpose and set of objectives to most shareholder-driven enterprises, as they exist to meet the needs of their members, employees and the communities in which they operate. Some are required to operate in highly complex and ever-changing political environments as advocates for their members and their policy interests. This can create some unique recruitment, operational and leadership challenges.

Supporting membership organisations

As a trusted industry advisor, Gerard Daniels has considerable experience working alongside membership organisations. We understand the uniqueness of this type of organisation, and the social, economic and policy contribution that they make.

We bring our entire service offering to help membership organisations grow to be strong and resilient; and to develop diverse, respected and highly effective Boards and Executive leadership teams.

As well as identifying and recruiting skilled and suitably experienced Directors and senior Executives, we offer support and expert advice on talent orientation and development; Board composition; independent performance assessments; remuneration review and succession planning – to ensure both current and future business success.

Geoff Curran
Membership organisations represent an incredibly broad range of sectors, businesses and not for profits with very different needs and goals. We know how rewarding working with membership organisations can be, but we also recognise the need to truly understand their unique organisation and what it takes to identify the people who will be the leaders they and their members need – whatever their goals.
Geoff Curran- Practice Leader

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