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A wide range of factors influences society’s need for infrastructure, but growing need for water, energy, transportation, waste management and communications play a critical role in driving demand in this sector. As the world’s population grows (and pressure on existing infrastructure grows accordingly), this sector will continue to experience considerable people and leadership challenges in meeting the needs of communities around the world.

Infrastructure has long been a priority sector for funding, and year on year major projects continue to attract unprecedented levels of investment to support global economic recovery and growth. This high activity level creates many recruitment challenges, but it also helps businesses to grow and presents new leadership opportunities.

Supporting the infrastructure sector

Infrastructure will always have a need for exceptional leaders, but today there is a unique opportunity for savvy and experienced leaders to foster innovation, to really effect change, and to drive significant sector performance and growth.

Ivan Zuvela
We know the infrastructure sector and understand the type of leadership and talent that it takes to not only meet demand, but make a difference too.
Ivan Zuvela- Partner

For over 35 years we have worked with leading organisations in the infrastructure sector worldwide, guiding them through Board and executive leadership appointments; board composition and diversity; board and executive performance assessments; leadership succession planning and more.

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