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The industrial sector is made up of many diverse and dynamic industries, ranging from those that produce products (like cement and fabricated metal), to those that utilise them (like construction and manufacturing).

Across this vast sector, some of the world’s largest organisations manufacture, supply and deliver the many products and materials that we need to build our cities and infrastructure, and to keep the global economy moving forward.

The most significant challenge affecting the industrial sector has and always will be change. During the first industrial revolution new manufacturing processes were introduced that significantly expanded sector production and created entirely new industries. Each subsequent revolution has brought about more and equally significant change to the way this sector works.

Today as we move into the fourth industrial revolution, the challenge remains the same – the industrial sector must continue to evolve and adapt. To stay competitive businesses must build boards and leadership teams that embrace change and new ways of working. They must develop the right talent, foster innovation, and drive the development and integration of new technologies.

Supporting the industrial sector

Gerard Daniels has long partnered with both established and emerging industrial sector organisations. We appreciate the unique challenges that our clients face, and as this sector evolves our work and experience continue to grow and evolve alongside it.

To support industrial sector clients we provide executive search, board consulting, workforce planning and other vital strategic support services for clients as they navigate the new industrial landscape.

Paul Howard
Technological change is shaping the industrial and manufacturing sectors at an increasingly rapid rate, and the push for more automation, more customer personalisation and tailored engineering solutions is creating new challenges for businesses in this sector. Having the right leadership, and the ability to adapt core processes to embrace these changes, will be critical for future success.
Paul Howard- Managing Partner

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