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Around the world healthcare organisations continue to step up in response to growing workforce pressures, and significant local and global healthcare challenges.

Recent events have highlighted the need for more resilient and sustainable models for delivering acute, community and aged care services into the community. And as the world’s population continues to age, changing patient demographics and growing chronic disease will only exacerbate this plight.

Jennifer Grove
If you're looking at health leadership, no matter how many modern ways you might be able to do things, the core business is still caring for people. That’s the bottom line – and good leaders know this.
Jennifer Grove- Partner

Other issues afflicting our healthcare sector clients today include workforce shortages, growing labour costs, the need for alternative employment models to deliver modern healthcare services, and a general shift away from treatment services towards prevention and early intervention.

Supporting the healthcare sector

For over 35 years healthcare organisations around the world have leant on Gerard Daniels for executive search; Board consulting; succession planning; operational improvement; talent mapping; and a range of other strategic HR services.

Working closely with clients ranging from individual practices and research institutes through to global healthcare brands, our many experienced consultants understand the unique needs of healthcare sector organisations. We take pride in supporting your organisation, so you can support the communities where we live, work and play.

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