Financial Services

Financial Services

Investing in top-tier talent

The financial services sector is a strong driver of economic growth and activity in the global economy. But as the corporate governance practices of financial services firms face growing scrutiny, it affirms the fact that with great power comes great responsibility.

Today the Boards and Executive leadership teams of financial services organisations are held accountable to increasingly high standards. They must set the tone for what is and what isn’t acceptable, and take responsibility for organisational culture and conduct – making changes when what they see isn’t right.

Lloyd Smith
As artificial intelligence, IoT and other technologies continue to advance, there will be a significant opportunity for data science executives to improve and inform customer relationships and resource allocation in the financial services sector.
Lloyd Smith- Director

Growing ethical pressure from stakeholders also continues to drive financial services firms to address their societal and environmental impact, and to consider the sustainability of their products and services. Keeping up with changing regulations, building resilience against data breaches and other significant risks, harnessing big data and other technology advances, and finding ways to exceed consumer expectations, can be challenging for financial services firms too.

Supporting the financial services sector

Financial services firms continually experience a short supply of executive talent, making it critical to attract, recruit and keep quality people.

To support financial services clients our consultants keep a close watch on market trends, and build relationships with both existing and emerging industry talent. We also bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to support clients across diverse industries within financial services, including:

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Accounting
  • Fintech
  • Private Equity
  • Asset Management
  • Risk Management
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds

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