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Rapid change is underway in the global energy sector, with developments like electrification, carbon capture and decarbonisation taking centre stage.

To remain competitive, businesses in the energy sector require bold leadership to encourage innovation, while absorbing rapid change in technology, geopolitics, stakeholder and more specifically, investor sentiment. Energy sector leaders must also rethink their business models to respond to market shifts and to address the many challenges that the energy transition brings.

Supporting the energy sector

We work closely with clients across the entire energy spectrum, to identify, hire and develop best in class future leaders. Our global energy practice consultants bring deep expertise working with the most innovative and forward thinking companies shaping our energy future. This includes asset developers and operators, technology and energy service providers, private equity firms and their portfolio companies.

James Christian
Significant transformation is playing out across the entire energy supply chain, with business leaders in traditional oil and gas companies, renewable energy firms, clean tech companies, and many supporting industries, navigating this change.
James Christian- Managing Partner EMEA

As well as helping traditional oil and gas businesses to move through the energy transition, we partner with energy firms at the forefront of this change, operating in onshore and offshore wind, solar, hydrogen, carbon capture utilisation and storage, geothermal, tidal and fusion energy.

Natural Resources

The natural resources sector continues to be one of the most significant and changeable sectors globally. With Australia’s history of diverse and plentiful natural resource reserves, and Gerard Daniels long-standing experience in the sector, we continue to provide the leadership and opportunities that successfully position candidates, locally and globally.

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas businesses have had a challenging time, with a combination of factors making it increasingly difficult to anticipate the sector from month to month. In particular, issues like falling demand for oil, supply chain disruption, workforce shortages and falls in global sector revenue have made it essential for the industry to recognise the challenges if faces, and develop flexible solutions to move forward.

Clean Energy and Renewables

For green energy solutions however, the picture is markedly different. Organisations with the foresight to invest in clean energy, renewable and natural resources like wind and solar, are at the forefront of the energy sector’s ‘new normal’.


New and emerging hydrogen solutions (and related clean fuels, like Ammonia) are making headlines around the world. As the global energy solution shifts to a more sustainable approach, there will be an increasing appetite for experienced leaders with established careers in the renewable sector.

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