Board Consulting

As an independent board consulting partner, we provide expert advice and guidance on non-executive director and chairperson selection, board evaluation, corporate governance and director and senior executive remuneration.

Partnership delivered through relationships

Board Assessments & Profiles

Carrying out comprehensive board assessments, we analyse the board’s contribution to corporate strategy, conduct board performance reviews and evaluate board dynamics. Our board profiles define the ideal board structure and composition, identify future needs and clarify board, committee and director roles.

Chair & Non-Executive Director Appointments

With outstanding search capabilities, specialist knowledge and key relationships, we are able to identify high-calibre people for chair and non-executive director roles who can make a significant difference to our clients’ success. We assist with the entire appointment process through short-listing, peer assessments and due diligence.

Governance Advice

We provide governance advice to help our clients establish and modify board structures. In addition, our team analyses authority, decision-making and compliance systems. Specifically, we compare governance performance against recognised standards.

Remuneration, Reward & Incentive Advice

Our consultants offer advice on current market trends and best practices in remuneration, reward and incentive schemes for board chairs, non-executive directors, board committees, CEOs and senior executives.

Organisational Reviews

We advise Boards and CEOs on Executive talent management, performance assessment and succession. We advise CEOs on improvements to organisational structure, job design and performance management systems.